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Seek – A Mindful Story

By Simon Bell Most of the time we are looking for something. From a lost key to a new career. Seeking. I know I am often seeking. To seek: a verb meaning to attempt to find something. Here are some definitions. To start with an example of seeking: “they came to seek shelter from biting […]

Point – A Mindful Story

By Simon Bell Often there is a discrete moment or point when things change and future events tip over into a new circumstance. Sometimes we can see this coming and sometimes it is a surprise. Here is a story. There is a point to things. A point. Notice the focus on the singular. The four […]

Look – A Mindful Story

By Simon Bell To look is one thing but to see is another. Do we always see what we are looking for or at? She closed her eyes and looked. In all her years of seeing she had never looked quite like this. This was seeing. The ‘accident’ was now over ten years ago, and […]

Success – A Mindful Story

By Simon Bell Success is a huge factor in so much of our self-appreciation. Are we a success? How do we know when we are, and does it matter when we fail? The world can be harsh. What do we do with harshness and with our fragility in the face of attrition? Read on. James […]

New – The Mindful Stories Workshop

In solitude or with others, some things are too difficult to be dealt with directly. Sometimes we need to find a way to address underlying issues by circuitous means. My starting point is two-fold. It can be summed up by the two following sentences: We are needful of harmony with each other. We are needful […]