Harini Sivaji

Harini is a Research Assistant at the Bayswater Institute. She undertakes research and evaluations while helping to develop client relationships.

I graduated with a BSc (hons) degree in Psychology from City University of London in 2021. Whilst studying Psychology at GCSE and A levels, my passion for Psychology grew considerably stronger and I made an invaluable decision to pursue Psychology at a degree level. During my academic journey I studied modules such as Social Psychology, Clinical & Health Psychology, Memory and Law, Approaches to Autism and Forensic Psychology.

As a result, I gained a deeper knowledge of these fields of Psychology and thoroughly enjoyed studying these modules. Research Methods was an important part of my degree, which enhanced my knowledge on Quantitative and Qualitive methods, data analysis, writing reports in requires styles and of SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences). My learning enabled me to complete my undergraduate dissertation project on ‘The relationship between Social Mobility and Anxiety, as well as Academic Self-efficacy in University students’, for which I was awarded a First-Class mark for. With an interest in healthcare, I volunteered as a Dementia Buddy at Barts Health Trust which involved providing friendship and conversation to patients, in order to keep them engaged and positive.

This was a vital opportunity for me to put my passion for improving dementia related services into practice and further enhanced my knowledge and awareness. I have also developed my knowledge of pharmaceuticals through working as a Medicine Counter Assistant. This role involved in the sale of over-the-counter medicine under the supervision of a pharmacist, handling prescriptions whilst maintaining patient confidentiality and offering appropriate health advice on common ailments to customers. In order to take on this role I completed a Level 2 NVQ GPhC accredited MCA course, which resulted in me improving my knowledge and confidence on the counter.

At the Bayswater Institute I undertake research, evaluations and professional training on methods. I am responsible for developing relationships with clients and contributing to the Institute’s open table discussions. I am passionate about helping organisations and the people in them to work better and enjoy collaborating with clients to understand and meet their needs.


mage of Harini, research assistant