Calling All Digital App Developers in Health and Social Care. Can an Online Clinic give you a head start with two critical issues?

There are a lot of brilliant digital apps that have great potential to support health and social care but they face two hurdles that mean many will fail.

  • How to get them adopted in the complex and confusing worlds of health care and social care?
  • How to get good evidence of the effectiveness of the apps to convince commissioners and others that they would be a good investment?

We have been helping app developers with these critical issues for many years. We have worked with developers as they engage with user communities to get their apps integrated as regular features of health and social care. And we have worked with them to evaluate the impact of the app to provide evidence that will support future implementations.

Digital and Health

We know:

  • There are many different routes to successful adoption but they all involve careful engagement with user communities and their representatives. Planning that engagement can be a key to success.
  • There are many forms of evaluation, from quantitative, summative assessments at the end of a roll-out to more qualitative and formative procedures that collect evidence to guide the process of adoption.

What we offer:

If you are considering how to tackle either of these issues we offer a 2-hour online clinic on each to talk through the issues as you see them and offer our guidance on the way forward for you. Simply tell us what you are planning, where to find your website so we can get to know the technology, and give us access to any evidence of the impact of the app you have gathered so far and we will be in a good position to share our knowledge with you.

We are a charity with a mission to help organizations engage in change and adopt new practices and our prices are fixed to give as many people as possible access to our expertise.

A clinic on adoption: £500

A clinic on evidence gathering: £500

Visit our website to see the recent projects in which we have worked with app developers:

And get in touch with us at:

Pathways to Market for Tech Companies Seeking R&D Funding

Are you a technology company seeking R&D funding for an innovation in health and social care?

No matter where you are on the innovation pathway, we can help you by accelerating your progress towards the market.  There are many barriers to effective implementation of potentially beneficial healthcare technologies and we can help you to effectively overcome these in various ways including:

  • Advice on sources of Government funding for R&D
  • Advice on preparing bids for funding
  • Advice on preparing cost-effectiveness cases
  • Potential partnerships in R&D bids to undertake cost-effectiveness studies
  • Advice on considering the sociotechnical implications of technology implementation (including organizational and cultural issues)
  • Potential partnerships in R&D bids to undertake sociotechnical evaluation studies

Within the BI we have leading experts with decades of experience of working with technology companies in ways that seek to optimize delivery of potential benefits.

One of our team, when working for the Department of Health, led on setting up several of the NIHR technology-related funding programs (including i4i and SBRI) and has been an external assess to several EU and Innovate UK R&D funding programs.

Another of our team is a leading international expert in sociotechnical systems theory and in undertaking related evaluation studies, including action research.

We have worked in recent years with the National Innovation Accelerator program to support understanding of the organizational facilitators to health care technology implementation and we can bring this experience to bear to support companies seeking to take promising ideas into the NHS and to wider health and social care markets.

To discuss possibilities, get in touch with Dr. William Maton-Howarth at