Corinna Arndt

Corinna Arndt has a DPhil in Politics and International Relations from the University of Oxford and a Masters in South African and Comparative Politics from the University of Cape Town. She specialises in empirical psycho-social research on topics such as organisational culture, the psychology of groups, and comparative research in psychotherapy. Corinna has experience with international multi-site mixed-methods research projects as well as monitoring and evaluation studies. At the BI she is centrally involved with conceptualising and delivering training interventions such as our “Wisdom in Groups” programme. 

Corinna is also a practising psychoanalytic psychotherapist and a member of the UK Council for Psychotherapy, the Association for Group and Individual Psychotherapy and the College of Psychoanalysts UK. She regularly provides executive coaching services to EMBA students at the Institute of Management Development (IMD) and has also worked with South African government departments, scientists at Cambridge University/ Cancer Research UK, psychologists in the UK Prison Services, and mental health patients in an NHS forensic setting. 

Born in Germany, Corinna lived in South Africa for 10 years, reporting as a foreign correspondent for public broadcasters in Germany and the UK. Whatever professional role she takes up, she seeks to truly listen and understand, loves to write, tries to sit with complexity – and attempts to do meaningful work in our fast-changing world. 


Corrina Arndt