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"MiSt" book cover

Just published: A New Approach to Mindfulness: Mindful Stories – MiSt

Professor Simon Bell with his new publication. Mindful Stories: A Parable

This book provides a new and innovative approach to mindfulness using short stories. Written for individuals and for groups, the book encourages readers to examine their lives, past, present and future. The 100 stories, written in 25 quartets, ascend from the ‘Base Camp’ of self-awareness, through the various levels of the ‘Slope’, and the ‘Crest’, to the ‘Summit’ of a new personal and collective understandings.

Simon Bell. A New Approach to Mindfulness: Mindful Stories – MiSt. Cambridge Scholars, 2020. 

Mindfulness Through Fiction: A Parable is something of an introduction to MiSt. It is available to download as an e-book on Amazon. It contains 20 of the 100 stories in one single story. If you want to explore Mindful Stories, it might be a good idea to take a look at Parable first. 

‘Mindfulness in Lockdown’ – Free online class Monday 22nd June 2pm

Mindfulness in Lockdown

Our next Zoom Mindfulness class will be live on Monday 22nd June at 2pm BST. The 40 minute classes are free of charge.

Application to attend is open to all, simply reserve your space and we will send you a link to be used on the day. 

The mindfulness session will make use of a Quartet of the Mindful stories,

The quartet will allow you time and space to consider your relations with yourself, your world, our shared world and your community. 

Want to get organised? Here’s what you need to know: 

  • The classes will be hosted on Zoom
  • Available both on a computer or on your phone. Download the Zoom app ready if you’d like to. 
  • You can have your video on and be seen or you can turn it off and keep to yourself while following the class. 
  • You can keep your audio on and chat with the others in the class if you’d like to, or you can mute. 
  • It is best to be seated on a comfortable chair in a quiet place. 
  • I’ll keep the classes simple and focused on the story of each week. 
  • The class is 40 minutes, but you can log off at any time if needed. 

I look forward to seeing you on Monday if you can make it. Just click the button below to reserve your space and I’ll see you there.

Please reserve my space

Mindful Stories

Mindfulness in Lockdown – Mindful storiesThe Zoom Mindful Stories are all available in the forthcoming publication, A new approach to Mindfulness: Mindful Stories (MiSt) Cambridge Scholars. Summer 2020

Given the current crisis and the time we are spending in our homes the ability to be mindful, resilient, adaptive and active is crucial to our own well-being and creativity, to organisational relations and to our everyday relationships. Addressing underlying issues, by stepping beyond the everyday tasks and issues that we are encompassed in, enables us to build greater capacity, reflexivity and compassion, allowing us to take this back to our everyday situations. This is the space offered by the BI’s virtual mindfulness sessions.