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Getting the Work/Life Balance Right

For many people the daily work/life balance has been defined by the hours spent at the office, shop or factory. You have to work there for a set number of hours and then you can go home and forget about it. Working from home throws all that up in the air. You could now work […]

What will we miss by working from home?

Many organisations have been practicing home working for years. What is striking is that most of them have not gone wholly virtual: staff may work from home 3 days a week for example and come into the office on other days. Or they might just come in for special meetings. All kinds of ‘blended’ arrangements […]

Our Mindfulness Classes Continue on Monday 6th July

Mindfulness as we are released from lockdown Our next Zoom Mindfulness class will be live on Monday 6th July at 2pm BST. The 40 minute classes are free of charge. Application to attend is open to all, simply reserve your space and we will send you a link to be used on the day.  The […]