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How do we sustain mental health when working from home?

The literature on health and safety at work makes very clear that for many people work is a major source of stress and working from home, particularly now during the lockdown period, is producing new forms of stress. There are reports that mental health problems are becoming very common. There can be many reasons for […]

‘Mindfulness through Fiction’ stories are now available as an e-book

Mindfulness through Fiction: A Parable – e-book now Available on Amazon Featuring the stories used in our Mindfulness Zoom classes. Using fiction to explore mindful reflection. A best friend never met, a mysterious journey half begun, a solution unseen in the brightest light, a shadowy creation creating itself, these are some of the fictions used […]

What happens to the culture of the company when we work from home?

In companies where people work closely together a culture unique to them will emerge. In successful work cultures people show ‘esprit de corps’; they have great loyalty to one another, share common values and support one another through difficult times.  Nowhere has this been more evident recently than in the way NHS staff have worked […]