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Wisdom in Groups Intensive – Cambridge UK

Congratulations to all those who attended Wisdom in Groups Intensive in Cambridge UK, July 1st – 3rd.

Using Mindful Stories – reading, reflecting, renewing – how is it done?

By Simon Bell Mindful stories as explored on the Bayswater site are intended to help with the renewal of the self and the group. If the idea of the stories in the first place is to help individuals to find peace with themselves and groups to find harmony, then maybe more needs to be said […]

Going – A Mindful Audio Story

By Simon Bell Going Let the story sink in. When you are ready, here are the questions for you to consider: Question 1. What is the main meaning of the story? What message or core or essential meaning does the story hold for you? Can you set them free? There may be many meanings which occur to you […]