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Top-down or bottom-up: who makes the decisions in a pandemic?

We live in a blizzard of regulations, requirements, guidance and advice that changes regularly as the Government tries to find ways of guiding us out of lockdown. People crave clarity so they know exactly what to do but in reality there are so many different circumstances that we must all to some extent find our […]

Coming out of lockdown we are all action researchers now

Across the world nations are struggling to find their way back to some kind of ‘new normal’. But they cannot do it by announcing a grand plan and then implementing it. They are dealing with an unpredictable opponent: they don’t know how we the public or the virus will respond as they lift restrictions. So […]

The final edition of this seasons Mindful Stories on Zoom will be at 2pm next Monday 27th July.

The spring /summer MiSt zooms are coming to a close. There are two more sessions. A final meditation on Monday 27th,  and a final conversation session on Wednesday the 29th at the same time.  Sessions about 20 minutes and all you have to do is log in and close your eyes and listen.  We hope […]