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How can we be heard above the noise? A Mindful Story

How can we be heard above the noise? By Simon Bell At a time when the background noise of advocates shouting or braying seems to fill all space, it is hard to feel that we are heard. Here is a Mindful Story which may provide a clue or two about being heard.  As with previous […]

Value of Agile: Does this kind of group work?

A report from the front line: A Sprint / Agile workshop. By Simon Bell There were about 50 of us attending the Agile workshop, nice hotel, good venue and the 50 represent a good gender and age balance. From young Post Docs to senior Professors, a mighty array of mind power and some very successful […]

A wall means you are stuck. Can we get around this?

By Simon Bell I have been writing about the use of mindful stories as a means to help us, in groups or alone, to get over some of our mental issues and concerns. Here is a new one which also makes use of a picture. The following story is one I wrote some years ago […]