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The Mindful Stories Cycle: methods and mindsets – 2. The Quartet

By Simon Bell 2. The Quartet In my previous blog I described the primary cycle for your reading of the Mindful Stories – Meaning, Relevance, Value, Insight and Action or MRVIA. In this blog I want to talk about the wider cycle which this cycle of thinking occurs within. MRVIA is intended to be a […]

The Mindful Stories Cycle: methods and mindsets – 1. MRVIA

By Simon Bell 1. MRVIA If you have been reading the Mindful Stories on the Bayswater Institute web page you will already have a good idea about the primary process involved. The stories are presented, with a picture from the Artist Rachel Furze, and then you are encouraged to consider the story from five points […]

Success – A Mindful Story

By Simon Bell Success is a huge factor in so much of our self-appreciation. Are we a success? How do we know when we are, and does it matter when we fail? The world can be harsh. What do we do with harshness and with our fragility in the face of attrition? Read on. James […]