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A wall means you are stuck. Can we get around this?

By Simon Bell I have been writing about the use of mindful stories as a means to help us, in groups or alone, to get over some of our mental issues and concerns. Here is a new one which also makes use of a picture. The following story is one I wrote some years ago […]

Walls of the body and Walls of the mind: a good idea?

By Simon Bell I have been suggesting the use of short stories as a means to engage individuals and groups in a considered appreciation of their context, issues and concerns. Take a look at earlier blogs on the news section of the site. Here is another one for you to try. This one focuses on […]

Flourishing with Groups – A Mindful Story for Group Self-Enquiry

By Simon Bell The Mindful Stories were originally written intended for use in group contexts. They are a device for prompting a group which is managing some change process or event to begin to think about this issue by externalising the key feature(s) to a fiction or story which can in turn prompt new lines […]