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Local Investment Programme 2017/18 final evaluation report – Transforming care and health through information and technology

The Local Investment Programme (LIP) 2017/18 By Dr Adam Hoare Part of a NHS Digital funded Social Care Programme, focusing on improving digital maturity in the adult social care provider sector and using technology for better joint working between adult social care and the health sector. Through LIP, the LGA offered £50,000 of funding to 19 […]

Resist the nudge in 2019: Becoming GroupAware

Post By Professor Simon Bell Making the Connection Wikipedia suggests that ‘Nudge Theory’ “proposes positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions as ways to influence the behaviour and decision making of groups or individuals”. The problem seems to be that the reinforcement can work in any of a number of directions and some are surely not healthy. Increasingly […]

Wisdom in Groups 2019

Wisdom in Groups – Leadership, Strategy and Teams Post by Professor Simon Bell In a fractured world where it seems that people are pulling further and further apart, where we find it hard to understand each other and where conflict seems likely to break out at any moment, we present Wisdom in Groups. Wisdom in Groups from […]

Understanding how and why the NHS adopts innovation

Post by Dr. William Maton-Howarth Adoption of innovation in the NHS The adoption of new technologies and innovation in the NHS is a challenge, with many barriers along the way from early stage development to full scale implementation and delivery of all of the potential benefits.  The BI were commissioned by the NHS Innovation Accelerator […]

Digital Change in Health and Social Care

Digital change in health and social care – a report by the King’s Fund Reviewed By: Dr Adam Hoare Digital change in health and social care This report by the King’s Fund, presented at the Digital Health and Care Congress 2018, usefully draws out some of the challenges in adopting and scaling digital health and care interventions […]

Transforming care and health through information and technology: Local Investment Programme – Interim Report

By Dr Adam Hoare Local Government Association – Local Investment Programme Local Investment Programme – Interim Evaluation Report In 2017 the Local Government Association in collaboration with NHS Digital introduced the Local Investment Programme. The programme recognised that the imperative for local care services to transform has never been greater due to rising needs, citizen demands and expectations […]

The Future of Work: Automation and Continuous Change?

By Prof Ken Eason Predictions for the future of Work Christmas saw the publication of another forecast of the number of jobs that are at risk because of the march of robotics and artificial intelligence. This time it was the IPPR (Institute of Public Policy Research) forecasting that up to 44% of UK jobs are […]

People are the key to sustainable growth – who knew?

Scaling up: the investor perspective by Adam Hoare In a report “Scaling up: the investor perspective” released in November, InnovateUK reported on research undertaken, on their behalf, by Ebiquity. The goal of the research was to understand how innovators see the challenge of scaling up innovations in search of growth. This was compared with the view of […]