Closing the digital gap – a report by Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions

Closing the digital gap

Digital Technology Maturity Deloitte Adam Hoare

Shaping the future of UK healthcare

Post by: Dr Adam Hoare

A report produced by the Centre for Health Solutions at Deloitte. The report explores the progress in adopting digital technology in the NHS and associated settings. Based on a survey of 1500 clinicians and interviews with 65 key stakeholders across the health ecosystem. Along with an extensive literature review, this report draws on the wealth of primary data collected to provide some valuable insights.

The variation in digital maturity across different health settings is striking. After many years of recognising the importance of digitalisation, progress remains slow. The key steps to closing the gap, identified in the report, are leadership, governance, interoperability, open electronic health records and infrastructure.

It is clear from the report that there remains a further gap between the vision espoused in the NHS Long Term Plan and the support for action on the ground. This gap is both in terms of a systemic view of the challenges and an approach to funding that raises all boats to the same level rather than lifting some boats way above everyone else.

Closing the digital gap – Shaping the future of UK healthcare

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