Mindfulness in the Group context – simplicity and presencing

In this third blog we want to talk more about what you can expect coming to the conference.

WiG (Wisdom in Groups), is derived from the earlier BI “Midhurst Conference” and the format was originally conceived by Harold Bridger. The Midhurst Conference was a tried, tested and successful formula. But it needed to change to suit the needs of a rapidly changing world. It has evolved over the years and 2018 marks its most radical evolution yet.

As part of this latest iteration our intention is to make the process more accessible, whilst at the same time maintaining the depth needed for real transformation to take place.
WiG has three core components: search groups, supported by consultants, which provide an open space for participants to explore issues of common interest in their work (task 1) and at the same time experience and comment on what goes on in a working group (task 2). The second component is consulting groups where participants bring a particular concern or problem and are supported by the others in the group, including a consultant to explore it and devise a way forward. The third component talk/discussions is a more familiar way of learning for most of us. We will keep the talks short and the discussion flowing.

The Consulting Group is small and allows individuals to learn more about the experience of consulting to others – asking, listening and actively learning. The Search Groups are, some might say, more challenging. They are both larger and less structured.

We haven’t changed these core components much although we will be issuing some clearer guidance as to how to navigate the search groups. We have introduced some new ‘tools and processes’ which you can take away such as:

  • Rich pictures –which enable you to explore the issues you bring visually
  • The Leadership Compass – which gives you a chance to find out more about your working styles and those of your colleagues

For those of you who haven’t been to an experiential learning event before, WiG might feel a bit different. It requires you to ‘jump in’ using your own experience, in the moment, to learn. It is exhilarating but can also feel challenging and even scary at times. For this reason we will be given you an opportunity to have a short coaching session, on how you make best use of the event as you are in it, rather than on any external issues.
We want WiG to be transparent and accessible so that the learning process is visible and mutual. We are really looking forward to your feedback on your experience during and after the week we spend together. Working together in this way will we hope develop a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship between you, the delegates and the BI.